A Real Life Disciplinary Spanking Of A DSH Model!

Chubby Bottoms SpankedCorner Time Spanking
What am I going to do with our "Rude Girl" Natasha? She admitted needing discipline in her life while visiting for her first punishment spanking. I gave her some very concise rules. She disobeyed me right out of the gate. I set up a disciplinary spanking for her and told her to get tan lines for it as a test. She failed miserably by sunning in booty shorts and having the sun burn her bottom instead of me. I got a call from her one night saying that the person (I said to stay away from mind you ) had left her in a desert town hours from home. This spanking uses the concept of the dangers of disobedience. Natasha shows up outside and walks herself inside bare bottomed to wait by a chair until I arrived.
Waiting In CornerBeautiful Girls OTK

I don't waste a lot of breath with her scolding and pull her across my knee for a very strong OTK hand spanking. Her tears began to fall immediately as they puddled on the floor in front of her.

I then send her to the corner to reflect on that burn...only to call her back for a fast and hard hand spanking and send her back to the corner.

Only this time I tell her "take everything off...now". She does as she is told and once again called back to me fully nude to see a table with some wooden nightmares in front of her. I give her three intense spankings as she chooses once again the order. YOU WILL LOVE THESE OTK SPANKINGS!

A nude and sore Natasha now awaited the two fearsome straps. My black-n-whites that have taught MANY a girl over the years. Natasha can't believe how much these straps "SUCK!" When I am finished strapping her she asks if we are done. I said " One more". She tried to sneak out the door but I cut her off at the pass. I give her a hard classic paddling as she grabs her knees.

This spanking movie has everything anyone searching for my purveyor of punishment style seeks... and then some!

45 Minutes in Length!