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Rachel Adams Strangers When a famous bondage model, ends up filming a real disciplinary session for meeting unsafely with strangers on bondage shoots

Crimson Cocktail An intense, real disciplinary session (90-minutes) With my personally chosen and very painful multiple implements!

Hailey Double Disc Set! The Full Double Feature of Two HD DVDs! Severe, Real Disciplinary Spankings, Paddling, Strappings and more!

Miranda's List A Severe Real Disciplinary Session with multiple implements ending with 100 hard swats with a paddle!

Spanking From the Disco Real Discipline Straight From A Club! Severe Razor Strapping and OTK Hand Spanking!

Hailey Double Feature Blu-Ray ' Spanking the Maid' and ' Spankings From the Disco' 1 Hour and Forty Minutes In Length! Super Clear Blu-Ray Disc!

Hailey Domestic Spankings All Domestic Style, Real Disciplinary Spankings, On A Gelled Bare Bottom! 68 Minutes

Hailey Spanking the Maid Sent to me to for maid training! Gets Severe Disciplinary Spankings! 70 Minutes

Hailey Maintenance Universe Part 1 OTK Mulitple Implements Including Wire Hanger paddle and Part One Of Her Bucket Punishment! 60 Minutes

Hailey Maintenance Universe Part Part 2 Of Her Bucket Punishment, Chair to Chair Multiple Implements and Birthday Paddling With Huge Paddle! 60 Minutes

Hailey Maintenance Universe Blu-Ray Two Hours! The FULL Film for the best price! Blu-rays are non-compressed and super-clear!

Hailey Maintenance Universe DoubleTwo Hours! Both Discs with all the action of a two hour punishment session of the most beautiful girl on the scene!

Hailey Time Has Come Part 1 Timed Hand Spanking, Hairbrush, Lexan Ruler Paddle,Tawse, Razor Strap

Hailey Time Has Come Part 2 Stetched Skin Position with Ruler Strap, Paddle With Holes, Naked and Prone Belt, Large Lexan Paddle & Hand

Hailey Time Has Come Blu-Ray Two Hours! Timed Spankings (10) with long spankings with multiple implements Before Timed Spankings Begin! Tears Galore!

Hailey Time Has Come DoubleTwo Hours! Timed Spankings (10) with long spankings with multiple implements Before Timed Spankings Begin! Tears Galore!

Hailey Tearful Consequences Part 1 Corner Time, Scolding, OTK Hand Spanking, Paddling and Hairbrush Spanking!

Hailey Tearful Consequences Part 2 Severe Before Church Strappings, Hog Slapper, Stand-up Paddlings and Acrylic Tube Whip!

Hailey Tearful Consequences Blu-Ray Two Hours! Real Disciplinary Punishment Spankings! Three scenes and lot's of tears!

Hailey Tearful Consequences Double A Special Double Disc Set At A Very Special Price! Real Disciplinary Spanking At It's Best!

Hailey Naughy Naked Needed The beauty is back with some amazingly hard, real disciplinary sessions! 1 Hr 35 Minutes!

Hailey Dossier Of DisciplineThe Most Severe Real Disciplinary Spanking Of this Beauty Yet! 1Hr 42 Minutes!

Snow Mercy Severe Spanking

Hailey Real Discipline Beautiful Hailey recieves her first caning and so much more over two hours!

Snow's Return To Discipline Snow is given a severe 90 Minute Disciplinary Spanking For Hitchhiking In Australia

Snow Mercy Severe Spanking

Snow Mercy Severe A Naughty Yoga Wife Is Spanked, Strapped, Paddled and Caned For Abusing Her Staff

Hailey's Hot One Exclusive Model And Daughter Of A Baptist Preacher, Gets Her First Spankings Not From Her Father!

Whitney Morgan Spanking

Whitney Morgan A Super Severe and Requested Disciplinary Spanking From an Adult Super Star!

Lilly Hall A Neighbor Runs Away From Her Discipline and Pays a Painful Price Upon Her Return!

Amelia Jane Spanked
Severe Amelia Spankings

Amelia Jane- HARDEST Amelia Jane Rutherford reports to Dallas for six real disciplinary punishment spankings.These are her HARDEST Spankings to DATE!

Rob Banks, Get Spanked This is a great one! Hard Spanking, Wet Bucket Spankings, Hairbrush, Bath Brush, Lexan Paddles, Razor Straps, Belt, Hard Hand Spanking!

Spanking Nurses

Nurse Smackie Hannah ( Haven's sister) Gets a SEVERE real disciplianry spanking with many hand & implements. This was for illegal behavior on her job as a nurse.

Stripped & Whipped Hannah is back for an intense and tearful real disciplianry spanking! She is switched, pimp-sticked, a plywood paddle, tawse and leather paddle used. These are long spankings with each Implement!

Spanking Haven A beautiful twenty year old newcomer named Haven, is given amazing spankings with Hand, Straps & Paddles! LOT'S of BARE BOTTOMED OTK!

Harley All OTK A pretty motorcycle chick is given ALL OTK spankings with pimp-stick, switch, hand and a plethora of paddles ( mostly all wooden) in this 1 hour and 20 minute film!

Smuggler's Bruise 1 Hour and 10 minutes! If a film with a gorgeous girl, getting an unbelievably hard spanking is not what you like, this is not for you. If it is... One of my most severe to date!

Seven Spanking Sins Seven Scenes and 90 minutes in length! This has a beautiful Lilly, getting spanked to tears in EVERY SCENE! OTK Hand , Fully Nude Spanking, Tawsing over tight shorts and bare, Classic paddling and more!

The Spanking Therapist 90 Minutes! Our beautiful neighbor Lilly decides she needs a Spanking Therapist, for high school guilt as a 'mean girl' Super Cool Film!

Naughty Neighbor 75 minutes of punishment spankings with multiple implements, Wet bottom spankings. OTK spankings. Fully Nude spankings! Real tears!

Heads Or Tails 70 Minutes of our Full HD segments of what you want to see! Close-Ups of faces and Close-Ups of Round Bottoms getting SPANKINGS!

Bunny in the Bucket A real disciplinary spanking given to Roller-Derby girl Bunny Euphoria! You will love this punishment! Starts with OTK Spanking!

Bailey in the Bucket A real disciplinary session, that has Bailey Paiger leaving puddles of tears on the floor, even before getting in the bucket!

Nikki's Night Out Disciplinary spankings, does not do that thought justice here. Nikki is given spankings, with many implements, for fighting in a night club!

Spanking Hit-man 2 A dark spanking film starring Joelle Barros in a story right out of current events. Hand,hairbrush, paddles, straps. belts!

Spanked Spinners 5 A very naughty Bailey Paige returns for spankings for real offenses in her life! Hard OTK hand spanking, strapping, paddling, whipping and more!

Spanking the Maid A True account of domestic discipline given to a maid as punishment and structure. Hand, paddles & straps!

Spanked Spinners 4 A first time Spinner ( 5 ft 93 lbs) Bailey Paige is given spankings fully nude with multiple implements and hand OTK!

Spanking the Maid

The Fetcon Session 1644 Spanks with my hand and 11 implements in this severe and very real disciplinary session.

A Spanked Starlet When a young, gorgeous Hollywood Starlet is offered a way out of prison.She had no idea what she was getting herself into!

Spanking the Maid

The Personal Ass-istant Lexi Lee finds out just how being Dallas' personal assistant can be! You know what happens if she performs poorly!

The Spanking Hitman Amelia Jane Rutherford is back as a common girl about to marry a prince. Only problem the royal family has hired a hitman who is good, and a spanker too!

Religious themed spanking

Nikki Rouge came for a vacation. When she broke safety Protocol,I was asked personally by her real life boyfriend to ":TEACH HER A GOOD LESSON!"

Sinful Disclosure Newcomer Lolita Sinn contacts me for a severe spanking for desired life improvements. After a non-disclosure she gets a 90 minute session that will have you shaking your head in happy disbelief.

Religious themed spanking

Spanked Spinners 3 At five feet even Lexi Lee recieves a first ever spanking that turns this HELL-CAT into a demure and contrite girl. OTK hand spanking, bare bottomed paddling,belt and razor strapping, the tawse and the cane!

The Department A nightmarish spanking film based on speculation from current events. A beautiful woman wakes up in a Spanko Camp where she is informed she has been charged and will be punished by an evil agent of The DSHS!

Religious themed spanking

Penance and Punishment DVD & Blu-Ray Naked and shivering with guilt and anticipation Dazey Ranes comes to the church to confess her sins and pay her penance with severe spankings including OTK handm razor strapping, paddling and whipping!

A Bad Dae & Bikini Blistering Moto Guzzi model Dae Daniels is given her first ever spanking in this funny tale of a bad Santa's helper- Krissy kage is given a punishment spanking based on a true story. OTK hand spanking, paddling with wood and leather,belts

Paddling Bare Bottoms

Rawhide 3 HD DVDThe amazing Stevie Rose is given a spanking that had even her cringing when she viewed it! No fans of long punishment spanking will not want this Blu-ray Disc as part of their collection!

Paddles From Hell Paddlings of Samantha Woodley, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Crash, Amber 'Pixie' Wells, Opal, Audrey Knight, Raven, Tilly, Krissy Kage, Tiki, Scarlet & Noir

Spanked college girls
Spanked Woman

Spanked Party Girls Abby is spanked with Straps, Paddles and Hand as real disciplinary Punishment .Sierra Salem and Austin are punished during Austin's one week vacation!

3 Disc's of over 3 hours in length! With Snow and Destiny FULL Videos, Spanking Instruction with Madison Young, 'When They Can't' full collection!

Spanking Slaves DVD
Fifty Shades Spanking DVD

Belly Dancers Discipline Natasha is spanked for losing her belly-dancing position at a family restaurant for wearing nothing under her veils! She is made to dance both before and after her SPANKINGS!

Fifty Shades of RED This is our first BLU-RAY DVD or Standard DVD offering. 50 SCENES! 50 SPANKINGS! ALL SHOT IN A DAY!

Just Alex Spanked
Spanking Cowgirls

Naughty Nightmare A Scary and intense trip to 'THE SPANKHARD ZONE'! From start to finish this tale of Fantasy, Dreams & Discipline will make you so happy you won't be able to sit down. Stars Just Alex. with- Lil Scary Ape , Johnni J. Cockstrong Jr. & Mr. Wannbe

Rawhide 3 Stevie Rose comes back for the third installment of our 'Rawhide' trilogy. This is a spanking film that rivals my best in awesomeness and and model beauty. This spanking will BLOW YOU AWAY. Spanking, Paddling, Strapping, whipping, caning ending on WET BOTTOM!
Hard Paddling DVD
Elexis Monroe Spanked

Black Box Edition Commemorative Double Disc in glossed, signed & numbered 2-Hour set. Full Spankings, segments, clips and bloopers! Tiki, Raven, Ozzma Lynn, Krissy Kage, Pro Ice-Skater Crystal ( Only Fifty Sets will be sold! Footage Never Seen On DVD!

Disappearing Discipline A Double shot of porn superstar Elexis Monroe ( Savanna James) in a tale of true disciplinary spanking. Elexis made the huge mistake of not keeping her word to Dallas. When she cried puddles of tears ten months later, she knew the error of her ways.
Brazilian Butt Spanked
Danielle Hunt Spanking

Marked For Punishment DVD- German/Brazilian model spanked with hand, hairbrush, razor straps, rubber paddle until marked and contrite

PADDLE OF BRITAIN Danielle Hunt comes all the way from Great Britain, for super spankings with hand, wooden paddles, straps and her first ever with the dreaded acrylic implements!
Scarlet Spanking DVD
Stevie Rose Spanking

Spanked Scarlet- DVD- Real and Intense Disciplinary Spanking all implements, Real Tears!

Rawhide 2 - Stevie Rose gets switched,brae bottomed OTK hand spanking, Hairbrushes, razor straps and a Lexan paddle spanking!
Spank of America
Hard Hairbrush Spanking

Spank Sympathizer- DVD- A bank sympathizing reporter is shown the error of her ways and turned around with old fashioned spanking.

First and Ten - Ten Amorette gets a fully nude, real disciplinary spanking with OTK hand, hairbrush, acrylic paddle, rubber strap & razor strap.
Samantha Woodly spanked
Lucy Spanking dvd

Samantha Woodley Smack Wrap - DVD- 90 minutes long! 25 minute HD bonus disc!

I Spank Lucy - The zany and spankable housewife learns of the consequences in the Spankhardo household.
stranger spanks dvd
nude spanking dvd

When A Stranger Spanks - Soon to be spanking cult classic. The perfect mix of hard spanking and chilling thriller. Cane, paddle, straps, otk hand and hairbush. Starring Vivian Sweet.

Rude Girl Returns -The naughty Natasha returns for an intense session. OTK hand spanking, Over the knee paddling, razor strapping and classic paddling. Fully nude with lot's of tears!
Bubble butts
Hard Naked Strapping

Ozzma-Bubble-Butted-Beatings- The girl with the cartoonish bubble butt is given two spanking punishments! OTK Hand Spanking, paddling, strapping, caning & switching!

Sporty Girls Spanked -Two real life fitness trainers get their toned ,tanned, tushes spanked hard as punishments! Over the knee spanking, straps and paddles
Starpping Beautiful Girls Rude Girl Natasha Spanking

Dallas' Directors Cut- Strappings From Hell - My first directors cut with 24 different scenes - 19 different top spanking models! The most amazing strappings ever witnessed!

Rude Girl Spanking -Natasha -A very real disciplinary spanking for a model that exhibited the most audacious form of rudeness ever!
Wet Kat- Severe Caning DVD Pixie's Leather Spanking DVD

Kat St. James - 'WET KAT' - The super cutie Kat is introduced to the bucket in this COOL DVD

Pixie's Leather Lesson - Amber 'Pixie' Wells' first disciplinary spanking from Dallas very Amazing!
Crimson Clips 2 Spanking DVD Spanked Spinners 2 DVD

The Crimson Clips 2 - Amelia Jane, Samantha Woodley, Pixie, Sierra Salem, Nikki Rouge

Spanked Spinners 2 - Spanking DVD that has nude otk hand spanking and real tears.
Crash Strapping DVD
Sophie Nova Spanking

Crash in Crash & Burnout - Real spanking fetish punishment of nude beautiful girl!

Sophie in Charge - Sophie Nova gets otk hand spankings and paddled on the bare bottom.
Sorority Spanking DVD Audrey knight dvd

Nikki Rouge in Sorority Girl Spanking - Ritualistic caning & belt spanking DVD.

Audrey Knight in Rawhide - 15 minute non -stop spanking, bare bottomed strapping, severe paddling DVD.
 Spy Spanking DVD
Paddling Coach DVD

Dallas as Scorcher - Super hottie Noir is spanked over the knee with a hairbrush.

The Paddling Coach - Naughty Noir is a spanked cheerleader paddled in school by coach
 Milfs Mature Spanking

Marked MILFS - Real spankings with real tears, bare red bottoms, in this spanking video.

Scarlet in Lost & Severe - A caning dvd which includes her first audition with Crystal.
Bruised Brunettes- real spankings
Dr Snow Spanked

Bruised Brunettes - Two brunettes are given real spankings and reddened bare bottoms.

Snow in Melting Snow - Bare bottomed whipping, strapping, paddling, and bath brush spanking.
Glam Kat - Hairbrush DVD

Racy Traci - A spank video punishment that has this girl getting a good spanking!

Kat St. James in Glam Kat - Glamorous Kat is given bare bottomed spankings and hairbrush spanking.
Delinquent- nude spanking DVD
Spanked Spinners DVD

The Delinquent - Cheyenne is given otk, fully nude, hand spanking, hairbush spanking and belt & strap spankings.

Sandy Sweet in Spanked Spinners - Sandy Sweet & Nicole are spanked otk fully nude.
Harper- Bikini Model spanking DVD Crash- Disciplinary Spanking DVD

Harper Anderson in Harp the Hearld Angels Sting - Spanked bikini model Harper is spanked until she cries and her bottom is red .

Crash in Swan Song - domestic discipline is given to this naughty beauty.Bare bottomed spankings.
Ginger Smacks punishment DVD
Spanking Game

Sophie Nova & Nikki Rouge is Ginger Smacks - American spanking meets British Spanking in this spanked bottoms, spanking video

-Play along with the first and best DVD interactive spanking game. includes 75 minutes of bare bottomed, spanking video
Tearful Trust Punishment DVD Kordelia Devonshire otk DVD

Tearful Trust Fund - Real Spankings, Nude spankings, Real Tears, Otk Spankings.

Kordelia Devonshire in Rude Awakening - Two girls getting spanked, kitchen spoon, paddling, strapping, wet spanking, otk spank
Brat Kat- 1950s spanking
crash- nude spanking dvd

Kat St,James in Brat Kat - One of the cutest spanked girls ever! Otk spanking, hairbrush spanking, Best & Real Spankings.

Crash in Crash & Burn - Caning DVD, nude, spank video that delivers with severe punishment.
Sophie - British Spanking DVD

Sophie Nova in Sophie's Bad Choice - A tearful spanking that leaves this British girl spanked and paddled to REAL TEARS.

Darling & Venus in Double Trouble - Otk Spankings that leave these girls getting spanked with red bare bottoms.
Aimee Addison DVD

Aimee Addison in Hot Yoga - A beautiful yoga instructor is spanked fully nude unti she cries real tears.

Chloe Elise in 7 Days of Discipline - While on a trip Chloe is taught a lesson! Three different sessions! Spanking punishment.

Zoey Doll in A Case for Punishment - The thin, bubble bottomed beauty is given bare bottomed spankings with hand and implements.

Wee Spank - Nikki Rouge is spanked over the knee with my hand for long periods of time! What a bare bottomed spanking video.

Stern Burn - Monique & Lil Meow are both given spankings, nude otk spanking, punishment spanking, in this spanking DVD.

Amy Aveline in Racer Red - Now retired watch Amy in her first ever spanking video! Otk spanking! Real Tears!
Amber Wells- DVD

- The double disk set that includes both of there girls , WET punishments!

- Pixie gets otk spankings and paddled on the bare bottom.
Madison Young Spanking DVD

- Madison Young gets one of the top 5 most awesome spankings since my beginnings.

Niki Flynn in Strapped - Watch Niki get her most eye-opening spanking ever! A cool, bare bottomed, spanking video

Tilly in Tilly's Torment - All three sessions are on this one DVD! Bare bottom spanking, Caning DVD, switch spanking, paddling, and over the knee spanking!

The 5th Kind - spank video with many twists and turns! Super OTK hairbrush spanking, prison strapping, these spankings are real spankings!
Amelia Jane Spanking DVD Eden Wells- Burlesque Spanking DVD

Amelia Jane Rutherford in I Dream of Janie - Our favorite Janie comes to life with this spanking spoof of humor and severity all wrapped up in one perfect package!

Eden Wells in Blistered Burlesque - Eden Wells in a beautiful caning DVD with lot's of over the knee spankings!
Secretary Spanking DVD
GoGo Girl Spanking DVD

Amber Pixie Wells in The Personal Secretary - x video, spankings for this naughty personal secretary One of the best, spanked bottoms ever

Tanya James in Good One for a GOGO - Old fashioned, bare bottomed hand spanking, This naughty GOGO gets a spanked red bottom to tears
Audrey Knight DVD
Ariel X real spanking DVD

Audrey Knight in The Time Has Come -This spanking DVD, has few rivals. Over the knee, hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, paddling, and whipping

Ariel X in Fired Fry - A spank video, for the ages! Spankings, otk spankings, Real spankings, tears, belt spanking, awesome, spanked bottoms, ever!
Sierra Salem DVD Trail Tears- DVD

Samantha Woodley & Sierra Salem in Disciplined Dolls - Domestic disciplinary spanking for these two spanked girls

Trail of Tears - Naughty native girl gets spanked over the knee until she cries real tears! Real red, spanked bottom
Amy Aveline Caning DVD
Dane Pain- Intense Spanking DVD

Amy Aveline in Double Feature -Carwash, Caning video and She Slept, She wept. The best tears and reaction of all spanking DVDS.

Opal in Dane Pain - Danish girl spanking, otk spankings, paddlings, strappings, over the knee, bare bottomed spankings.
Stand - Paddling DVD Audrey Knight Cowgirl Spanking

Stand Up Can't Sit Down -Yevonne with the cutest bubble bottom ever is spanked, strapped and paddled in this spanking DVD

Audrey Knight in Rawhide - A 15 minute, bare bottomed hand spanking, paddling, strapping, whipping.
Raven Alexis Spanking DVD

Raven Alexis in An All Star Spanking - A cutie in a baseball uniform is spanked over the knee, until her bare bottom is hot! Real Spanking Punishment

Pixie in Pixie Tears - Bare bottomed spankings, otk spankings, paddling,strapping, real tears, real punishment, real spankings.
Blistered Sisters- Kailee DVD
Amelia Jane -Cheerleader Spanking DVD

Kailee & Lily in Blistered Sisters - Two real life sisters, real spankings, real punishments, real discipline, , otk spankings.

Amelia Jane in A Tryout to Cryout - A naughty Cheeleader is given hard, bare bottomed, switch spanking, caning, in the spanking DVD, Caning DVD
Carissa - Roger DVD
Amy Aveline- Assless Chaps DVD

Carissa in Juno How Much Trouble You're In? - Roger brings his real girlfriend to me for OTK bare bottomed spanking and strapping

Amy Aveline in Chicked Fried Faux Pas -Amy Aveline does a poor job at work, causing a spanking in assless chaps
Martina Warren spanking DVD

Martina Warren in Punished Pet - Penthouse Pet of the Year Martina Warren is given 3 different bare bottomed spankings.

The Crimson Clips - 33 different models on 129 clips! Seven years in the making! Bare bottomed spankings
Abigail Whittaker spanking DVD

Audrey Knight in Heat of the Knight - Bare bottom, bath brush spanking, bathbrush spanking, spanking DVD

Abigail Whittaker in Abigail a Crimson Tail - Bare bottomed punishment spankings including a three minute ruler strapping.
Amelia Jane Nude DVD
Hot Bottoms Spanking DVD

Amelia Jane in Girls Gone Red - 3 Girls getting spanked, otk hand spanking, otk paddling, full nude spanking, Great, Spankings

Lizzy Madison in Hot Bottomed Hotties 1 - 5, girls getting spanked, nude spanking, red bottoms, Real Tears, Real spankings.
Samantha Woodley- HOt Bottomed HOtties DVD

Samantha Woodley - Snow Mercy in Hot Bottomed Hotties 2 - Beautiful girls getting spanked, paddle spankings, belt spankings

Samantha Woodley - Sierra Salem in Lone Tower and The Prank - Real Punishment spankings, real spankings, spanked girls.

Punishment Parade - Pretty girls getting spanked, otk spankings, spanking DVD

Behind the Flaming Strap - Strapping of 3 beautiful girls in this spank video, spankings.

Tiki in Love Caning 2 - Caning DVD, Caning video, girls getting the cane.

Mandy Fisher in Real Punishment 4 - Real spankings, over the knee, real tears, tears,

Scarlet- Jewel -Raven- Tanya Hyde in WET - 5 girls, 8 scenes of severe wet bottomed spankings in this epic spanking video, spanking DVD

Austin- Raven Bunns in Real Punishment 2 - Naked girls getting spanked, these super hotties get real spankings, real tears, real red bottoms

Tanya Hyde in Real Punishment 1 - First time spankings, spank video, spankings, spanked girls, bare bottomed spankings.

Tiki in Tiki's Torchings - Caning DVD, caning video, otk spank, hairbrush spanking, real spankings, bare bottomed spankings

Tiki in Sneaky Tiki - Tiki gets otk hand spankings and paddled on the bare bottom.

Tiki & Tanya Hyde in Groupies Caught & Caned - Caning DVD, Caning video, bath brush spanking
Schoolgirl Punishment DVD
Seared Rears- Real Spankings DVD

Tiki in Schoolgirl Blazer - Caning, Paddling, otk hairbrush spanking, bath brush spankings, whippings.

Seared Rears - Real spankings, naughty girls, bare bottomed spankings, real punishment spankings.
tikis 90- caning whipping DVD  

Tiki in 90 of Hell - Caning video, whipping video, caning dvd, belt spankings, otk hand spankings, spank video



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