Sneaky Tiki


Here it is! The sequel to "Tiki's Torchings"

"Sneaky Tiki" has five senarios that once again have her bottom receiving punishment spankings that make it impossible to sit down!


Whacking for Hacking

Tiki was foolish enough to think she could hack into my computer and get away with it! A special wet bottom strapping leaves her bottom raw and Tiki in tears!


Paddle Parade

Filmed the same day as "Valentines Day", Tiki was still acting bitchy. Well, 409 hard whacks with various paddles (mostly OTK) including the bathbrush made her behave!


Valentine's Day

See it in it's entirety. Tiki receives 63 hard strokes with the bamboo followed by a hard OTK handspanking - All in her special Red Valentine's Day garter set


Spanking A-Go-Go

Tiki misbehaved at last year's 'Shadow Lane Party'. See a real punishment session. Hard bath brushing, paddling, a hard belt spanking (lot's of whacks) then more of the bathbrush!


Mop & Glow

Tiki cleans the floor as a bare-bottomed maid. She
receives a vicious spanking with a nasty braided leather belt. If you have maid fantasies - This One Is Cool!


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