Forget scripts! Forget a few swats and then lots of talking. When you want REAL SPANKINGS, there is one place to go. Nikki uses real spankings in her life ( well because she is really naughty in real life) She doesn't trust just anyone with this responsibility. Sit back and enjoy this spanking, because it is as REAL AS IT GETS!

Nikki's Night Out - HD DVD/ Blu-Ray Disc






Our funny, naughty, spank-able friend Nikki Rouge always finds a way to get real disciplinary spankings from me while on vacation. Sabrina and I took her to a very nice dinner club, where you ate a nice meal and then dances the night away. It was all going great ...UNTIL a girl seemed to walk by Nikki a little too close and the all hell broke loose!

Seems Nikki had something to say about it and the girl said something back. Nikki kicked her ( she described it as a 'rabbit kick') and then slugged her as well. A fight ensued and long story short... hush money to the establishment, the police, Nikki being take in to the station. I did find a sympathetic ear before processing. They let her go since neither the girl or restaurant wanted to press charges. Our thanks to Officer Stein for being as helpful as he was. He said to Nikki " You are very lucky tonight". I said " She is not as lucky as you think" as I took her by the arm firmly. I think he gathered from Nikki's look and mine as well, that her trouble that night was just starting.

Now those of you who like 'real disciplinary spankings' ( like those I gave Tiki, Scarlet, Raven, Jewel etc) will not be disappointed here. This is a long, intense spanking with very little talking...and a WHOLE LOTTA SPANKING! I have no idea the 'spank count'...My guess? In the thousands!

Long OTK Hand, Hairbrush, paddles, bath brush,

Fully nude riding crop whipping, Hog Slapper that made her howl, The riding quirt and the Canadian Prison strap!

Nikki Rouge- Real SPANKING

for Real Reasons!

With as many spankings as Nikki gets..This one stands out as one of the best.

60 minutes in Length!


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