Danielle Hunt- When a black girl from the UK writes to me and wants a spanking starting the letter with " Hi my name is Danielle Hunt and I have a very high pain tolerance" The video is on like Donkey Kong!

Paddle of Britain- HD Severe Spanking DVD





Spanking Black Girls

If there is a girl out there that deserves a good spanking... It is Dani Hunt. I think the main reason is her rose colored views of te actual dangers in the world. When she arrived stateside she informed me that she ran on the streets of San Francisco in a race of some sort fully nude. Talking about running down to Tijuana by herself, probably in a mini-dress. I covered why she was spanked if for no other reason, but thinking things through.

I got up on the morning of the shoot having a lot of prep work to do as always. I see that Dani had left an email regarding her "losing her phone". We had a hard call time of 1 p.m. I told her she would be picked up then. I got a call (she borrowed a phone ) as she informed me that she was at the pick up point at 10:30 a.m. and I could come pick her up anytime to shoot. That was another check in my book to give her a HARD ONE.

I don't mince words on this one gang. You will see a VERY HARD and SEVERE spanking on this film.

I start with my hand and give her s LONG and VERY HARD hand spanking. It got her attention all right. I then move onto a lesson in paddling by showing her the different thicknesses of wood and the different sting that accompanies these thicknesses. Starting with the Keith Jones paddle, I move to a medium thick wooden paddle and on to a 3/4 inch pine paddle and hairbrush.

I then moved directly to the leather with the same concept...thin to thick. The ruler strap, the razor strap and last but not least the 3/4 inch thick 'Thumper'

She had never received any acrylic before. You will see a model getting her first taste of the nasty acrylic on a bottom that had already been spanked so hard it's pad was peeling off.

OH YEA...it is ALL on an vitamin E soaked bottom!

Naughty Black Girls


Before Spanking Photos
You will love 'Paddle of Britain' if you love severe, no nonsense disciplinary spankings

Fans of true and severe spanking will love to see the reactions and even her insights on the implements used. She did begin to get to a point where she didn't understand just how "personal" a spanking could be.

Discipline...'true discipline' is very personal.


1 Hour & Seven Minutes in Length

Of Hellish Severe Spanking!