Schoolgirl Blazer


When schoolgirl Tiki gets into trouble at the Wesley School for girls, she is sent for correction to the Dean of Discipline's study. Dean Armstrong is a no nonsense disciplinarian that takes his job very seriously. Tiki is told by Dean Armstrong that the Wesley School has old fashioned views on discipline. She is introduced to the bamboo rod with 63 biting strokes leaving her bottom with raised red welts!

This is just the beginning! He then paddles her already welted bottom with a large sorority paddle!



After pulling down her panties he discovers a tattoo on Tiki's small of the back. He calls her father and tells him about the tattoo. Her father tells Tiki hat the Dean should punish her anyway he sees fit. What comes next is the most severe session of punishment ever caught on tape. Tiki recieves an intense razor strapping, the belt, and something you don't see much...a fresh green switch! (This switching actually spots her bare botttom with blood!)
  Tiki is then taken over Dean Armstrong's knee for nearly 400 very hard paddlings with a leather paddle, two different wooden bathbrushes, and a wooden oval paddle. She is also given two very long OTK hand spankings. As if that isn't enough! Tiki is then whipped severely with Dean Armstrong's four foot cattle whip!! This is by far the most severe and cute schoolgirl video ever produced. This tape is a full 60 minutes with little filler and lot's of intense spanking action. Lot's of close-ups!


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