Just Alex Stars In This AWESOME & UN-NERVING Trip into the Spankhard Zone. What happens when a spanking dream becomes a SPANKING NIGHTMARE!

Naughty Nightmare - Severe Spanking DVD

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This is a severe and very real depiction of disciplinary spanking... Be Warned

Just Alex is a girl into spanking and as luck would have it we filmed on the day before her seventh anniversary of her first spanking. Now seven is a very powerful & lucky master number. In numerology it is fact my number. Perhaps that is why this film turned out pretty much as I saw it in my head... well, with Sabrina's masterful edit that is.

I asked that Alex get tan lines for her shoot while she was still back east. She assured me she would. Turns out one of the reasons Alex came to me was...procrastination.

She made the mistake of not only trying to get them last minute... but she actually fell asleep in the sun. This was the very reason I actually decided to whip her without any prior warm-up. The tube whip ( that made Audrey Knight cry), the riding crop that caused Samantha to scream "I can't"... were all used, just as a start.

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Now if you like true disciplinary films that you don't have to wait forever for true and real reactions...this film is for you guys and dolls! I saw a girl enter the door visibly shaking with the fear of the unknown. True fear is not easy to capture on film. This nightmare came across amazingly because of this. I knew part of the reason Alex came to me was because she wanted the test. Amelia Jane Rutherford actually insisted that she contact me ( did she know something?)

I used many implements this day with controlled full swings, slow and measured, fast and hard... the full gammit of punishment as you have come to expect. She is taken to places where she wants to quit...retreat... end, like others before. I wouldn't let her and she accepted that coming away as part of a re-invention of self.

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This Slick and Scary Film Is Something You Will Cherish For a Long Time. It will be a GREAT HALLOWEEN SPANKING PARTY MUST HAVE!

60 Minutes in Length!



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